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Malia is highly involved in the Denver music and arts community with special talents in event production and artist management. She has orchestrated hundreds of public and private events throughout Colorado over the last decade including several Burning Man and Apogaea sound & theme camps, Denver Pride and serves as Core Crew with Event Horizon Colorado. Her focus is on uniting artist & community members with her aspirational approach to following your dreams. Her most noteworthy endeavor was her private 4 day music and arts festival held in a 3 story mansion located on the edge of Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO called the “Staycation” Series. Malia recently finished her first “Destination Staycation” in Dominical Costa Rica, bringing her vision of offering the most boutique after party to compliment Envision Festival in late February 2019.

Malia began DJing on her 30th birthday at a mountain retreat with the sound crew she was managing, Whomp Truck. She quickly took to the decks and began finding her niche in music. Malia does not play one genre of music but considers herself to be eclectic. She plays all styles from down tempo to glitch-hop, D&B, electronic bass, deep house, dub, classical and (sometimes) pop *but never country*. Her ability to interweave different genres and create an audio experience that is intrinsically unique sets her a part from her peers. What she lacks in skill she makes up for in great taste!

Malia is not just a DJ but a professional event producer and music philanthropist with a drive for social change.

::Notable Performances::

Colorado Burnal Equinox – March 2016

Apogaea Regional Burn: – Octopussy Art Car & Camp Radically Adequate June 2016

Opulent Temple (First White Party in Denver): Sacred Dance – July 2016

Lookout Mansion Summer Staycation – August 2016

Shadow & Light 11:11 Party @ The Northside – November 2016

Event Horizon Colorado Resident DJ 2016 – Present

Apogaea Sound Tour: Narwhals & Camp Wardrobe MalFunktion June 2017

Freeman Music Festival 2017/18

Costa Rica Staycation 2019